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NOVATEX SOLUTIONS was among the first private companies in Cyprus that offered Web Hosting and design services though a dedicated hosting website www.netcy.com. Today through multinational agreements it has rapidly expanded in many IT sectors with a familiar ability and proven capacity. IT division has been cooperating for many years with Blue chip companies such us INTEL, Microsoft,PAYPAL SHUTTLE, Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc..


Internet Services 

Through its dedicated websites and the strength of the internet it is able to offer these services to customers in Cyprus and abroad. These services are offered through close cooperation with two large data centers (one in Great Britain and another in USA). All hosting operations are done in accordance with the international standards for reliability, security, speed and performance. All equipment covered by UPS to ensure availability of 99.95%. Even in the event of UPS power failure a diesel generator is activated automatically to ensure continuous operation.


Our UK and USA server providers are commited to the environment and encompasses various initiatives that they are undertaking, to help make their ecompanies greener, reduce carbon footprint and be more carbon conscious. 



Wireless Networks

We strongly believe in new technology that’s why we have established a dedicated website in 2004 (www.wi-fikits.com) for promoting and distributing wi-fi products both in Cyprus and abroad. This effort was very successful with clients from many European countries (Great Britain, Ireland, Greece, etc.) and from Africa. In 2008 it was the first company in Cyprus to cover the entire area of mountain villages with wireless internet through the technologies of Wi-Fi and Satellite internet.


Shuttle XPC Computers

2005 enters the field of importing and distributing the awarded PC SHUTTLE XPC who are Pioneers in both design and quality construction than other DESKTOP computers. SHUTTLE XPC products are distinguished by their small size, quiet operation, ease of transport and reliability. SHUTTTLE XPC products are promoted through the dealer network in all towns of Cyprus and also through the e-commerce website